My name is Kiran and I love drawing happily ever afters! When I was little I often wondered how ‘they’ make animated films (for instance when me and my sisters were watching Cinderella for the five hundred and eighty-ninth time!). Was there perhaps another magical realm where everything looks like it has been drawn and painted? I didn’t know.., but in my make-believe imagination it was both possible and logical.  

I truly feel that animation makes ‘happily ever afters’ come to life in the most beautiful and enchanting ways. The magical stories and their art are a never-ending source of inspiration to me. Animation artists that especially inspire me are Frank Thomas & Ollie Johnston (two of Disney’s ‘nine old men’), Steven Thompson and Glen Keane. I also very much love the visual development art by Glen’s daughter, Claire Keane.

Looking back I’m puzzled as to why I didn’t consider becoming an artist in animation myself. I have always loved drawing and animation, but I guess I never realized it was something you could actually do and be ‘when you grow up’. So I set out for university with a straightforward plan to study, graduate, and find work. 

Eleven years and four degrees (business, communication, philosophy, ethics) later, I finally learned after a lot of wondering and wondering (and wondering and wondering..) that I want to become an artist in animation. That is why I am learning how to draw from life, storyboard, create visual development art, design characters and animate. byKiran is something like my very own sketchbook journal where I write and draw the stories, lessons and insights of my art journey. Welcome!

Love, Kiran